Various surgeries

The different cases

Every surgical operation requires an incision, which will leave a scar and its location varies depending on the objective of the functional or aesthetical surgery.
Your surgeon, qualified and specifically trained in this type of procedure, will use the best surgical techniques and technologies to allow you to optimize the scarring result, but this will not eliminate the random nature of the development of the scar and will not guarantee an invisible result.

UrgoTouch ®, a laser for optimizing the scar healing process

First used in reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, UrgoTouch® is now also used in other surgical specialties, with the aim of having all the odds in the patients’ favour for a more beautiful scar. This list of operations is not exhaustive or restrictive, but it includes the main surgical indications for which UrgoTouch® treatment is currently used.
Each operation has its own specific characteristics in terms of scarring.

Breast augmentation

This is a surgical procedure that involves inserting breast implants to change the volume and shape of the breasts. This aesthetic choice may follow a pregnancy associated with a breast lift or weight loss, or simply a desire for improved well-being and femininity.

Breast reduction

Having large breasts can be frustrating in everyday life: back pain, discomfort in sports, difficulties in getting dressed. Reducing the size then becomes a medical indication to improve their quality of life. It can also be an aesthetic choice, when the patient wants to change her silhouette. In any case, the resulting scar is a barrier from some patients to go ahead with the surgery, now they can be reassured with UrgoTouch®.

Mastopexy or breast lift

This cosmetic surgery is also known in the case of sagging breasts, related to pregnancy, weight loss, natural aging, also know as breast ptosis. Depending on the anatomy, the relaxation of the breast and the patient’s wishes, the surgeon may also propose the use of breast prosthesis or lipofilling, to perfect the shape of the breasts. This surgery ends with large scars that can be improved by the UrgoTouch® laser.

Tummy tuck or Abdominoplasty

Pregnancies, diets, natural aging can have consequences on the silhouette of the individual and especially the midriff. And often, physical activity and sports are not enough to regain the desired body figure.
In case of fat overload only, liposuction will be preferred. If there is also loose muscle, stretch marks, abdominal apron, then abdominoplasty will be considered. Optimizing the abdominoplasty scar is a real plus for all patients.

Arm lift or Brachioplasty

The skin under the arms naturally tends to loosen as we age. This effect can be accentuated following weight loss. The discomfort is essentially aesthetic (uneasiness to be sleeveless), it may also be functional in cases of severe loosening.

Buttock lift

Pregnancies, diets, natural aging can have consequences on the muscles and fatty tissue of the buttocks, resulting in sagging skin, a feeling of significant cellulite (but it is not cellulite!), and ultimately a change in shape.
The buttock lift will tighten the skin of the buttocks and contour the buttocks for a rounder shape. UrgoTouch® aims to optimize the scar above the buttocks.

Thigh lift or cruroplasty

Natural aging can have consequences on the sagging of the skin on the thighs, mainly due to the accumulation of fat, against which sports exercises are difficult to control. Significant weight loss can also lead to excess skin.
In addition to the unsightly appearance (stretch marks, orange peel skin, excess skin), rubbing of skin in between both thighs (thigh chafing) can be very uncomfortable. Very often associated with liposuction of the area, thigh lifting will tighten up the skin of the thigh.

Caesarean Section

Whether scheduled or performed in an emergency, caesarean section is made to ensure the health of your baby and yours!
The baby is surgically removed through an incision in the mother’s abdomen and then a second incision in the uterus, in order to get the baby out quickly, when vaginal delivery is not possible or risky.
Thereafter, the length of hospitalization in the maternity ward will be a little longer (5 days), and you will need to think about taking care of your scar in the weeks and months following the birth.

Face lift

Gradually, over the years, the skin on the face will inevitably loosen. The facelift procedure helps to fight against our biggest fears associated with aging. It acts directly on the sagging face and neck for an immediate and long-lasting youthful bounce. There are several facelifts: the most common is the minilift.
This surgery remains more than ever at the heart of the management of facial ageing. No medical technique gives such a natural and immediate result. Botox and hyaluronic acid can restore facial volumes and smooth out wrinkles in the upper 1/3 of the face, but under no circumstances will it firm up the skin that is stretched over time. The UrgoTouch ® laser, when recommended by your surgeon, will provide better chances to have a more discreet scar thanks to its action on healing.

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