Caesarean Section

No risk to take for you or your baby. If your pelvis has an abnormality, if you have already had a cesarean section or other operation on the uterus, if the baby is too big or in the case of breech delivery… then your gynaecologist will prefer the cesarean section. Also, if the delivery is difficult and the baby’s life is at risk, you will have to move from the delivery room to the operating room.

Caesarean section consists of incising the uterus (and the front belly) in order to get the baby out quickly, when vaginal delivery is not possible or risky. There are several caesarean section techniques. Most of the time the incision will be horizontal, just above the pubis. Vertical incisions will be preferred in cases of absolute urgency (or obesity), as they combine the opening of the skin and uterus and save precious seconds.
UrgoTouch ® laser scar treatment can be performed following this operation, in the operating room, to give you every chance of having a better scar.

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  • Performed under anaesthesia (epidural)
  • Lasts between 30 and 45 minutes
  • The surgical procedure:
    • Make an incision
    • Spread the abdominal muscles (laparotomy)
    • Pass through the peritoneum (the membrane that surrounds the viscera), which allows access to the uterus. Usually the peritoneum is incised. There is another technique that consists in pushing it back
    • Open the uterus (hysterectomy)
    • Taking the baby out
    • Cut the umbilical cord
    • Remove the placenta
    • Close the uterus (suture)
    • Close the peritoneum (suture depends on the surgeon)
    • Close the muscles (suture depends on the surgeon)
    • Suture the skin incision
  • UrgoTouch ® laser treatment possible after suturing
  • 5 days of hospitalization


The external scar (the skin)
Scar most often horizontal (about 12 cm) above the pubis. Risk of hypertrophic scarring is high. Vertical scar (1/3 above the navel, 2/3 below) in case of absolute emergency or obesity.

The internal scar (uterus)
Its location and quality are important for your next pregnancies:
If the caesarean section takes place at the end of the pregnancy and everything is normal, the lower segment will be incised horizontally.
In the 7th month, in emergency or in case of difficulty, then belly and the uterus will be incised vertically. In this case, the scars are less solid and the next delivery will be done through caesarean section.


  • A dressing is placed for several days and sometimes a drain is placed
  • Removal of threads or staples 5 to 10 days after the operation
  • The result of the scar is definitive between 18 and 24 months

For any information about the operation

Speak directly with your surgeon.
He/She will be able to answer your questions and reassure you.

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